Wagner Tuning Audi TTRS 8J / RS3 8P Racing Catalyst Downpipe Kit

Sale price£1,270.00 GBP


Downpipe Kit for Audi TTRS 8J / RS3 8P with race catalyst converter

• diameter of 90mm to 2x 70mm
• high-quality stainless steel 1.4301 (SS304)
• CAD-Designed and optimised
• 1 oxygen sensor connection
• 2 racing catalyst converter (100 Cells / inch)
• 100% oem fit, easy to replace factory part
• no precat so less thermal load for the turbocharger
• better performance by reducing back pressure
• significantly higher torque
• Suitable for Audi RS3 8P and Audi TTRS 8J (except cars equiped withh a cardan shaft 8J0521101AB)

May not be approved for road use in your region.

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