How do I cancel an order? 

You can cancel an order by contacting our team via email, or via social media. When cancelling an order, please Include your order number and reason for cancellation. 

Are there any fees involved?

If an order is cancelled within 14 days of ordering, an admin fee of 5% will apply for the time taken to process and deal with your order. 

If cancelling a special order item (Such as a carbon fibre spoiler, diffuser, etc) a fee of up to 10% is applicable and will be deducted on cancellation. 

What if I cancel and change my mind?

If you order was cancelled, but you would like to continue with the order, please contact us as soon as possible. 

We may be able to keep your order live. If not, you would need to check-out again for the item(s) 

Cancellation Of Steering Wheels 

If you decide to cancel your order, a fee of 20% is deductible from the total amount paid. This means you will receive a refund of 80%. This is due to the work and hours put into manufacturing the wheel, and customisations made to the steering wheel chosen by yourself. This also applies to steering wheels that are returned after delivery is made. 

When purchasing a custom steering wheel, you agree to the above terms.



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