PAGID RS4-4 Orange Brake Pads

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PThe wear rate of RS4-4 is very similar to RS4- 2, but is slightly better in terms of wear at higher temperatures. Disc wear as with all other PAGID materials is exceptional and thermal stressing and tension cracks of the disc surface are greatly reduced.

RS4-4 also has extended operating temperature limits, increasing fade resistance, and allowing braking deeper into the corner without wheel lock and fading issues.

This compound is available in fewer pad shapes than RS4-2, and is particularly popular in Porsche club racing, and has been fitted as an OEM on such high performance road vehicles as Porsche 993 RS and GT2 for example. In road applications this compound exhibits low brake noise.

A very versatile pad for use on both front and rear axle’s, is also a very good rear pad in conjunction with RS14 / RS15 on front axles of front wheel drive touring cars, etc.


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