MST-BW-N2002 - Turbo Inlet Silicone Hose for BMW 2.0 Turbo N20

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Turbo Inlet Silicone Hose for BMW 2.0 Turbo N20

This is a direct replacement for the turbo inlet hose found on BMW vehicles equipped the 2.0 turbocharged N20 engine.

Our version of the hose is constructed from a 5-ply polyester reinforced silicone with a wire wound core for added strength. The hose has smooth inner walls and an enlarged internal volume to promote increased airflow, whilst eliminating the OEM sound resonator to release a little more turbo noise.

The hose also features CNC machined connectors for the turbo inlet and the PCV system.

The hose can be used as a direct replacement in conjunction with the standard intake pipework or with an aftermarket induction kit.



Make Model Engine Year
BMW 125i (F20) 2.0T (N20) 2011 - 2016
BMW 125i (F21) 2.0T (N20) 2011 - 2016
BMW 220i (F22) 2.0T (N20) 2014 - 2016
BMW 228i (F22) 2.0T (N20) 2014 - 2016
BMW 320i (F30) 2.0T (N20) 2012 - 2015
BMW 328i (F30) 2.0T (N20) 2011 - 2015
BMW 420i (F32) 2.0T (N20) 2014 - 2016
BMW 428i (F32) 2.0T (N20) 2013 - 2016


Courtesy of Diversion Automotive / Diversion Stores Limited

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