LEYO Motorsport – Diverter Valve (DV) – L035B

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LEYO Motorsport is offering a wide range of BOV springs to match the correct rates to suit your turbo needs. These WHITE, BLACK and YELLOW springs are designed to suit stock or basic stage 1 – 2 tunes. Blue and Red springs are for custom tune or any other high stage tunes. Blue and Red springs are not included in the standard BOV or DV kit – Only Sold Separately. They are suitable for higher performance tuned vehicles. Below is a reference chart for Struggling with the OEM Turbo Valve? Need to add that unique boost pressure sound? Make sure to get your hands on All New Re-Designed Leyo Motorsports latest in-house designed Diverter Valve. Leyo Motorsport Diverter Valve multiple piece design is built and engineered to resolve the failure issues associated with the OEM solenoid valves and their diaphragm resulting in boost leaks. It is built from 6061 Billet Aluminum with hard coated Anodized finish with an internal serviceable piston based design that provides greater reliability over the OEM as well as quicker throttle and turbo response. All components are made in-house by Japan CNC’s, inspected to 0.01mm tolerance by Japan CMM, laser etched and race proven.

Leyo Motorsport Diverter vavle has a unique and fully tested internal piston compared with other brands in order to get the maximum results in power. We offering a stronger, more durable and reliable valve compared to the OEM unit. We do have uprated valve spring in stock that will sale separately.
*This part is only for use in track racing vehicle and are not legal to use in any other motor vehicle under California Law.

The correct spring rate for your specific turbo and engine setup


  • Made from the highest quality T6061 billet aluminium construction

  • Direct OEM replacement

  • Improved throttle response

  • Consistant turbo boost & Prevent boost leak.

  • Reduced turbo lag

  • Fully compatible with OE electronics.

  • Fully serviceable piston

  • Great sound

  • Holds up to 600HP (with uprated spring kit)

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