AP Design Full Dry Carbon Fibre Mirrors - A3/S3/RS3 8V

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Automotive Passion provide an exact carbon fibre mirror replacement for Audi vehicles listed below. The carbon fibre mirrors are a 100% Carbon Fibre with 3D plastic laser cut inner clips to ensure for perfect OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) direct replacement fitment. The rest of the mirror is autoclaved prepreg Carbon Fibre. This is the highest quality Carbon Fibre available on the market. The process costs four times the amount of most common Wet Carbon fibre process.

Advantages of Autoclave Dry Carbon is ultralight and strong. The fine weave of the high quality Carbon Fibre is enhanced by the application of a coat of lacquer and then polished by hand to produce the highest quality product.

Contents include:

x2 (1 set) Gloss Carbon Fibre replacement mirrors.


Audi A3 from 2013.

AudiA3 Cabriolet from 2015.

AudiA3 Saloon from 2014.

AudiA3 Sportback e-tronic from 2015.

Audi RS3 from 2015.

Audi S3 from 2013.

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