AIRTEC Motorsport Downpipe Decat For MK7 Ford Fiesta ST180 Decat MIL Cheat Adaptor Available

MIL Cheat Lamp Adaptor: Decat Pipe Only
Sale price£207.85 GBP


By removing the catalytic converter you are reducing the amount of restriction caused by the honeycomb shape inside.

Expect more popping and a deeper exhaust note. Gain up to 10+ bhp (Depending on your hardware and software installed on the car)

Designed to fit both the original exhaust system and also MOST after market/custom systems.

Perfectly safe to use with pop and bang maps (such as Peron's 'DECEL' remap) removing the catalytic converter makes it possible for your exhaust to pop flames out.

MIL lamp cheat adapter is also available for purchase with this downpipe which means there is less of a change the lamp will illuminate if this is fitted and the vehicle isnt remapped.

This part is sold for motorsport and off road use only and will NOT pass an MOT emissions test or police roadside checks.


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