Volvo Steering Wheel Re-con Kit For Volvo V40 2004 - 2012

Thread Option: Light blue Thread
Sale price£35.69 GBP


These steering wheel covers are a simple and cost effective way to fall back in love with your cars interior. Whether your steering wheel is worn, or you fancy a change, we've likely something for your car! 

This cover is manufactured from soft touch, premium materials, maintaining not only a soft and comfortable grip, but looks too! The cover is installed through a method of stitching, which can be completed in under 30 minutes by anyone! For the best result, we recommend taking the steering wheel off the car to do the work, however this isn't mandatory. 

The cover is suitable for the following makes and models:

S40 2004-2012

  • Create a new and improved look
  • Soft to the touch
  • Comfortable to hold
  • DIY Install
  • All required parts included! 
  • Easy to do yourself! 
  • FREE UK Delivery
  • International delivery available!

Designed in Germany, Made in china

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