SuperPro Mk3 Leon Cupra, FWD Mk7 Golf, A3 8V, Octavia 22mm Adjustable Rear Sway Bar

Sale price£210.00 GBP


SuperPro Mk3 Leon Cupra Mk7 Golf GTI, A3 8V, Octavia Mk3 22mm Adjustable Sway Bar FWD only.

Two position fully adjustable sway bars allow for use of OE or aftermarket end links without stress or binding of the end links. SuperPro uses a 3 stage powdercoat process: zinc wash, epoxy coating, and 2 stage powdercoat.  These are bent and finished in-house and individually jigged for proper fitment.  Bushings and grease are included. 


– Sharper steering means more driver confidence and safety.

– Better handling means better performance but also lower  tyre wear and less maintenance

– More grip is the ultimate goal and suspension enhancement for road, track and off-road  4×4 and 4wd environment

– Less Body Roll improves tyre performance, reduces wear and makes for happier passengers – safer too


– 1 Sway Bar

– 2 Brackets

– 2 Bushings

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