Snow Foam 2.0 - Polished Pigs

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Our Snow Foam is a fresh scented foam with great cleaning properties to break down grime and dirt build up. It breaks down grease efficiently to help the pre-wash process.



Our improved Snow Foam 2.0.

You must be wondering how we’ve improved our Snow Foam even further?

Due to technological improvements, we have been able to reduce the required product quantity to use just 25ml of Snow Foam per 1L lance to still effectively remove road grime and dirt from your car.

Secondly, you may have noticed the Snow Foam is now a lovely red colour and really looks great as well as performing great.

Our specially formulated pH neutral Snow Foam is safe to use on all types of bodywork, from classic cars to modern and with all waxes/coatings. Designed to cling to the paint work to break down dirt. Also, being able to run slightly, enabling removal of dirt from the car. Our Snow Foam is the perfect way to ensure you don’t cause any damage during your contact stage of the wash, or it can be used to remove dirt if done regularly.

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