ECS Tuning Luft-Technik Intake System - Golf R32 Mk5

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ECS Tuning Luft-Technik Intake System - Golf R32 Mk5

The ECS Tuning MK5 R32 Luft-Technik (Air Technology) Induction System, is a premium in-house designed engine aspiration product that not only delivers remarkable power gains, but also blends automotive engineering into an artistic canvas of underhood beauty. Our system is constructed of premium materials and utilizes the most advanced development methods available to date. Our system is engineered to fit exactly like OEM with simple hand tools and includes all new installation hardware. 

Starting at the front, the oversized, powdercoated aluminum heat shield assembly is designed to feed massive amounts of outside air directly to the air filter element and to shield against radiant engine bay heat, so only cool, ambient air is drawn in. The heat shield is perfectly designed to seal the pre-installed EPDM foam rubber edge trim against the hood liner pad to further stave off engine bay heat and to maintain repeatable power delivery. 

Inlet air is filtered by our custom-spec'd high flow, reusable cotton gauze air filter element. Featuring a 3 5/8" bell mouth inlet that smooths incoming air, a conical shape that maximizes filtration surface area and an 8-ply cotton gauze construction to provide the best balance between airflow and filtration efficiency.  

After the air is filtered, it is then directed through the massive 3.5" aluminum induction tubing which features a CNC bent and welded support bracket. 4-ply silicone couplers and smooth band, stainless hose clamps are also included for long lasting, durable operation. 

Throughout years of in-house development, performance-driven design changes and strict product testing, our design has resulted in a highly effective air induction system. Our induction system not only looks good but is real world tested with performance that is second to none. If you expect nothing but the best, like we do, this is the only system for you! 

The ECS Tuning Luft-Technik Induction System Includes the following:​

  • Wrinkle Black Powdercoated CNC Bent Aluminum Heat Shield Assembly with pre-installed edge trimming 
  • 3 5/8" Conical, Cotton Gauze, Reusable Air Filter
  • 3.5" Wrinkle Black Powdercoated Aluminum Induction Tube
  • 4-Ply Silicone Couplers with ECS Tuning Logo
  • Stainless Steel German Style Hose Clamps
  • All new mounting hardware
  • ECS Tuning License Plate Frame (White) and 2 Window Decals (White)


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