034Motorsport X34 Carbon Fibre 4" Intake Conversion Kit - TT RS (8S) RS3 (8V Facelift) EVO

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Upgrade your existing 3” X34 Evo Carbon Fiber intake over to our newest full 4” variant today with the X34 Carbon Fiber 4” Intake Conversion Kit! NOTE: For 2019+ models, you must also purchase this adapter kit: 034-108-Z074 - Available here.


This kit is designed to allow owners of the early 3” X34 Evo Carbon Fiber intake kits to upgrade to the larger, full 4” diameter back tube found in our new 4” intake kits.


034Motorsport engineers identified a serious bottleneck in the factory intake system. The factory, 2.8” turbo inlet size, which necks down even smaller throughout the unit, is by far the largest restriction in the intake system after a performance filter system is installed. Many aftermarket companies, including 034Motorsport, have solved this issue by increasing the turbo inlet diameter, thus warranting an intake that supports the added flow gain. The 4” diameter intake kit is designed to support upgraded 4” turbo inlets that can be used on factory, hybrid, and full frame turbochargers. It has been validated that this intake works with the majority of aftermarket inlet options, but has been optimized to work with the upcoming 034Motorsport 4” turbo inlet.

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